ISO 9001:2008

1. Shubashree Shreemati:
Ladies are backbones of our country. So organization is wishing to give Rs.85000/- cash for their marriage or worth house hold articles.

2. Dhana Laxmi:
Education is must and basic right of each Indian child knowing this organization is distributing pens, school bags, Rs.50000/- cash upto 7th standard.

3. Cultural Surabhi:
Our culture is ancient. To save our janapad art, music our organization is paying upto Rs: 80000/- for their first edition For art people organization is distributing cloths, musical instruments. We bring out books or poems on the performance of district MLA or Ministers. Every year State Level 'Chilipili Festival' will be organized for below 10 years kids.

4. Sanskar Shree:
Human Body is valuable than other creatures so that our organization is paying Rs. 25000/- for human funeral.

5. Yuva Mitra:
Youngsters are the future of our India. Wer are truly making efforts to full fill their dreams. We are training widows, handfraft for self employment, work organization Rs.75000/- for machineries.

6. Jeeva Jala Dhara:
Water is the sanjivini for all living creatures. So organization is supplying water tankers in to urban and rural slum arias.per Tank Rs:1000/-

7. Arogya Sanjeevani:
Health is wealth. Organization is making health camps and paying Rs. 95000/- to urban and rural slum old age people small kids and mothers.

8. Negila Yogi:
Agriculture is back bone of our country (Main Profession). We distribute seeds, fertilizers to formers. To improve health of formers organization pay Rs.95000/-.

9. Hasiru Hejje
"Greenery is Must" This theme has encouraged us for one tree-one child for a house. to knowledge them organization is paying Rs. 50000/- help.

10. Souhardha Sindhu:
Whole world is currupted. No peace around us knowing this wer are offering souhardya Kannadiga award and Rs. 99000/-.

11. Manava Sampanmula Kendur:
To National & State Government Office we provide unemployed young lady & man.

Note: All above programmers were done based on the requirements of poor scheduled castes depending on the requirements of year annual plans.